vscode raccourci pour linux



General Ctrl+Shift+P, F1 Show Command Palette Ctrl+P Quick Open, Go to File… Ctrl+Shift+N New window/instance Ctrl+W Close window/instance Ctrl+, User Settings Ctrl+K Ctrl+S Keyboard Shortcuts Basic editing Ctrl+X Cut line (empty selection) Ctrl+C Copy line (empty selection) Alt+ ↓ / ↑ Move line down/up Ctrl+Shift+K Delete line Ctrl+Enter / Ctrl+Shift+Enter Insert line below/ above Ctrl+Shift+\ Jump to matching bracket Ctrl+] / Ctrl+[ Indent/Outdent line Home / End Go to beginning/end of line Ctrl+ Home / End Go to beginning/end of file Ctrl+ ↑ / ↓ Scroll line up/down Alt+ PgUp / PgDn Scroll page up/down Ctrl+Shift+ [ / ] Fold/unfold region Ctrl+K Ctrl+ [ / ] Fold/unfold all subregions Ctrl+K Ctrl+0 / Ctrl+K Ctrl+J Fold/Unfold all regions Ctrl+K Ctrl+C Add line comment Ctrl+K Ctrl+U Remove line comment Ctrl+/ Toggle line comment Ctrl+Shift+A Toggle block comment Alt+Z Toggle word wrap Rich languages editing Ctrl+Space Trigger suggestion Ctrl+Shift+Space Trigger parameter hints Ctrl+Shift+I Format document Ctrl+K Ctrl+F Format selection F12 Go to Definition Ctrl+Shift+F10 Peek Definition Ctrl+K F12 Open Definition to the side Ctrl+. Quick Fix Shift+F12 Show References F2 Rename Symbol Ctrl+K Ctrl+X Trim trailing whitespace Ctrl+K M Change file language Multi-cursor and selection Alt+Click Insert cursor* Shift+Alt+ ↑ / ↓ Insert cursor above/below Ctrl+U Undo last cursor operation Shift+Alt+I Insert cursor at end of each line selected Ctrl+I Select current line Ctrl+Shift+L Select all occurrences of current selection Ctrl+F2 Select all occurrences of current word Shift+Alt + → Expand selection Shift+Alt + ← Shrink selection Shift+Alt + drag mouse Column (box) selection Display F11 Toggle full screen Shift+Alt+1 Toggle editor layout (horizontal/vertical) Ctrl+ = / – Zoom in/out Ctrl+B Toggle Sidebar visibility Ctrl+Shift+E Show Explorer / Toggle focus Ctrl+Shift+F Show Search Ctrl+Shift+G Show Source Control Ctrl+Shift+D Show Debug Ctrl+Shift+X Show Extensions Ctrl+Shift+H Replace in files Ctrl+Shift+J Toggle Search details Ctrl+Shift+C Open new command prompt/terminal Ctrl+K Ctrl+H Show Output panel Ctrl+Shift+V Open Markdown preview Ctrl+K V Open Markdown preview to the side Ctrl+K Z Zen Mode (Esc Esc to exit) Search and replace Ctrl+F Find Ctrl+H Replace F3 / Shift+F3 Find next/previous Alt+Enter Select all occurrences of Find match Ctrl+D Add selection to next Find match Ctrl+K Ctrl+D Move last selection to next Find match Navigation Ctrl+T Show all Symbols Ctrl+G Go to Line… Ctrl+P Go to File… Ctrl+Shift+O Go to Symbol… Ctrl+Shift+M Show Problems panel F8 Go to next error or warning Shift+F8 Go to previous error or warning Ctrl+Shift+Tab Navigate editor group history Ctrl+Alt+- Go back Ctrl+Shift+- Go forward Ctrl+M Toggle Tab moves focus Editor management Ctrl+W Close editor Ctrl+K F Close folder Ctrl+\ Split editor Ctrl+ 1 / 2 / 3 Focus into 1 st, 2nd, 3rd editor group Ctrl+K Ctrl + ← Focus into previous editor group Ctrl+K Ctrl + → Focus into next editor group Ctrl+Shift+PgUp Move editor left Ctrl+Shift+PgDn Move editor right Ctrl+K ← Move active editor group left/up Ctrl+K → Move active editor group right/down File management Ctrl+N New File Ctrl+O Open File… Ctrl+S Save Ctrl+Shift+S Save As… Ctrl+W Close Ctrl+K Ctrl+W Close All Ctrl+Shift+T Reopen closed editor Ctrl+K Enter Keep preview mode editor open Ctrl+Tab Open next Ctrl+Shift+Tab Open previous Ctrl+K P Copy path of active file Ctrl+K R Reveal active file in Explorer Ctrl+K O Show active file in new window/instance Debug F9 Toggle breakpoint F5 Start / Continue F11 / Shift+F11 Step into/out F10 Step over Shift+F5 Stop Ctrl+K Ctrl+I Show hover Integrated terminal Ctrl+` Show integrated terminal Ctrl+Shift+` Create new terminal Ctrl+Shift+C Copy selection Ctrl+Shift+V Paste into active terminal Ctrl+Shift+ ↑ / ↓ Scroll up/down Shift+ PgUp / PgDn Scroll page up/down Shift+ Home / End Scroll to top/bottom Keyboard shortcuts for Linux * The Alt+Click gesture may not work on some Linux distributions. You can change the modifier key for the Insert cursor command to Ctrl+Click with the “editor.multiCursorModifier” setting.https://code.visualstudio.com/shortcuts/keyboard-shortcuts-linux.pdf


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